5 Ways You Can Fight Human Trafficking Today

8:13 PM

BEFORE STARTING SPEAK JUSTICE, I had spent years wanting to do something about human trafficking but feeling totally helpless and defeated. The problem was so big, and I was so small. What difference could I really make?

What usually happens is we hear a sad story, we feel bad for a little while, then we go back to our lives. But it doesn't have to be that way. If you've been struggling to find your voice on this hugely important issue, here are some specific ways you can get started today.

1. Stop the demand for slavery. Put in the extra effort to buy fair trade products, especially when you buy chocolate and coffee. A large percentage of child slaves harvest cocoa and coffee beans. Stop the demand for sex slavery by knowing the signs of trafficking in your city and taking a stand against all forms of sexual degradation, from prostitution to pornography.

2. Be a part of prevention. In the U.S., more than 300,000 children are at risk of being trafficked because they are in vulnerable social or economic situations. Volunteer with an organization in your city that supports at-risk children and teens. Your help and support might be what keeps a child from being coerced into a life of slavery.

3. Care for the rescued. There is probably an after-care home near you for those who have come out of sex trafficking. See how you can volunteer or put together care packages for girls who are rebuilding their lives. If there isn't a home in your city, find one where you can mail a package.

4. Throw a party! Hardly a day goes by that we we aren't invited to a party to buy kitchen accessories, leggings, nail stickers or candles. Leverage your social influence for a purpose! Host a Speak Justice event (ask me how!) or create your own fundraiser for the organization of your choice.

5. Pray daily. How often are we heartbroken about an injustice but we never bring it to the one who can move mountains? Find a way to remind yourself to pray daily for those who are in slavery, for those who are trafficking them, for the survivors, and the police and organizations fighting for freedom.

Let's not be defeated by the problem. The world is dark -- so dark. But we are promised that the darkness cannot overcome the light. The light is in you, friend! Go share it!

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