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Since it’s Giving Tuesday, I wanted to take a minute to tell you about why I started Speak Justice Design Co. almost five months ago. Why I decided to step out in faith, flip my business around and give it away.

Chances are, you’ve probably heard something about human trafficking. It’s a far-reaching problem, with tentacles wrapping around more realms and lives than you probably realized. Whether it’s children forced into slave labor, fishermen worked to death as captives on boats, people coerced into having their organs removed and sold, or women and children being sold over and over again for sex, human trafficking is the degredation of human lives into commodity. Human trafficking of all forms is a loud message saying, my dollar matters more than your life. 

Over the last several years, God broke my heart over and over again about human trafficking, especially sex trafficking. But I buried my head and tried to silence God’s call on my heart because I believed the lie that there was nothing I could do. I didn’t have enough money, enough time, enough resources. Lies.

This Spring, God finally woke me up and spoke right in my ear to use the one thing I have: my design business. I decided in a whirlwind night to rebrand and donate from my sales to help find, rescue, and restore the people who were so heavy on my heart. To bring redemption and freedom.

After lots of prayer, I named my business Speak Justice, inspired by Psalm 7:6 that says, "Arise, Lord, in your anger; rise up against the rage of my enemies. Awake, my God; decree justice.” I wanted to start speaking up for God’s justice for the oppressed.

Almost five months later, we have raised almost $900 for The Exodus Road. That’s the equivalent of transitional care for nine survivors, three weeks of investigations, or three covert cameras for field teams. There is real action taken as a result of what we give.

There are lots days when I feel like I’m not doing enough, I’m not successful enough, or I don’t have enough talent and expertise. It takes a lot of discipline and prayer to give those doubts to God and just obey the call. But no matter what doubts may plague me, it is an incredible gift to wake up on Giving Tuesday and know that I am a small part of something bigger. Something important. Something necessary.

I hope you’ll head over to The Exodus Road today and learn more about the work they’re doing to bring rescue and justice. Today every dollar donated is being tripled, so it’s the perfect time to get started if you’ve been wanting to do something.

I’d love to hear about what Giving Tuesday means to you! What cause is deep in your heart? How are you inspired to give?

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