Serving over shouting

4:30 AM

Are you tired of all the fighting?

I'll be honest: I didn't even look at Facebook for a few days to avoid the verbal carnage that surrounded the inauguration and women's march. The arguments, the disdain, the misinformation -- it's exhausting. We are divided. There's no avoiding it.

Our world, our country, and our cities are broken. People are ripping each other apart. Hate sets the tone. And you and I? We're broken too. But we have a choice: we can fall in with the cadence of hate, anger, and division, get swept away in the popular current, and shout into the chaos. Maybe we will shout down a few people; win a few arguments. 


We can accept that we're not here to win arguments. We're here to radically love people. 

Jesus had a short time on earth to show us how to live, and his time was filled with opposition. Religious people had Jesus on their hit list from day one. And since he was God, it's not like he couldn't have put them in their place. He could have won every argument. Slammed every debate. There was nothing they could've said to stump him, surprise him, or cut him down. He could've just proven to the world that he was their savior. Shamed them into belief.

But, friend. He didn't do that. 

How did the savior of the world leave his legacy? He ate dinner with the scandalous. He forgave the untouchables. He healed the too-far-gones, and his chosen inner circle was the least influential bunch out there. He washed dirty feet. He prayed, alone, in desperation.

He could've started an unstoppable movement, but he trusted everything with a trusted few. He didn't plan a takeover. He didn't procure a platform. Jesus was all about relationship. He was all about serving. He was all about being love, not just talking about it.

There are a lot of things we can argue about right now. There are people who are marginalized, hurt, and afraid. It's not that the problems around us aren't real. Oh, the problems are real, and they're painful. But so often we think that because we have the ability to address the world when we hit "publish," talking about these problems is all we need to do. 

We talk about race, but do we look for ways to meet the needs of those who look different from us? We talk about gender, but do we look for meaningful ways to represent our gender well? We talk about politics, but do we do anything to make our cities and country a better place to live? We talk about morals, but do we seek and grab onto opportunities to show the risen Jesus Christ to the people around us? 

Instead of talking, let's go wash some feet. Let's forgive. Let's pray desperately. Let's invest deeply in a few and watch God work. Let's get the world's attention by serving them, not shouting them down. Let's be love amidst the brokenness.

I want to hear your ideas on what you can DO to engage this divided world! Let's chat in the comments below!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I can so relate! The hard part is that sometimes I don't feel like I know what to practically do - I mean, I know not to be mean and blast all over FB. But how do I put it all into action. I've been praying over that and asking myself how I can live out my convictions in the everyday. And also just embrace people around me! I loved this post!


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