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When a problem is as big as human trafficking, sometimes we feel too small to be part of the solution.

That was true for Cassidy Perry, whose first interaction with human trafficking was a film screening. "From the moment I connected real people with real pain with the issue of trafficking my worldview changed," Cassidy said. "At the time, I didn’t know what I could do. After all, how can one college student really help such a huge and dangerous issue?"

She was later confronted with the reality of human trafficking right where she lived in Kansas City, and she ached to do something meaningful for survivors who had been rescued. Although her big dream was to open a safe house for survivors, as a recent college graduate she needed to start smaller.

Then came The Arise Box.

Cassidy investigated small ways to support survivors, and decided to focus on care packages. She started a subscription box that would be full of fun products from businesses that give back, and would make it possible to send care packages to trafficking survivors.

As she worked to bring her idea to life, Cassidy was amazed by the support she received from printers, designers, family and strangers alike. "People wanted to help, not because of me, but because they saw it as a tangible way to fight human trafficking," she said.

What she's created is a quarterly themed subscription box to encourage women to follow their dreams and realize their value. Her first official box goes out this spring with the theme of Bravery. Summer's theme is joy.

The first time you subscribe, you're paired with a human trafficking survivor who is recovering in a safe home. This is the best part: every subscription box you receive includes a postcard to send to your survivor pen-pal. Plus, a portion of your purchase is used to build a care package for a survivor. In December each year, The Arise Box wraps up the care package you've built and sends it to a survivor recovering in a safe home in the U.S. 

Last Christmas, before even officially launching the subscription boxes, The Arise Box sent 50 care packages to survivors.

I've been following along with Cassidy's journey since last year and was excited to get my spring Arise Box last week! Every item is thoughtful, useful, and fun. My favorite is the tote bag with the Where the Wild Things Are book cover printed on it. I'm going to use it for my post office runs and Josiah loves that book! 

But what I really love about The Arise Box is the idea of building an ongoing relationship with a survivor and knowing that each year, she will receive tangible love and encouragement in a care package.

We can be overwhelmed by the enormity of modern day slavery. Or we can take small, meaningful action steps to start changing the story.

Click here to learn more about The Arise Box or start your subscription.

What's in the spring Arise Box:

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  1. I LOVE the tote bag too. It's been great for carrying my laptop around and grocery runs :)
    Thank you so much for sharing about The Arise Box!


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