Using beauty to spread justice.
Every human being is worthy of love, dignity, and freedom. But as free and comfortable as you and I may be, there are more slaves in our world now than in any other time in history. More than 30 million people across the globe are in slavery.

It's bad, friends. We need to do something. You and me. 

I cannot personally go and rescue the suffering women and children who weigh heavy on my heart, but there are amazing organizations doing exactly that. There are search and rescue operations and rehabilitation centers all over the world doing the hard work to end slavery. We can join them.

At Speak Justice Design Co., we donate half of all our profits to The Exodus Road, an organization that aids in finding, rescuing and restoring victims of slavery. My hope is that by using my business to support this cause, we can free more precious ones and raise more awareness. It's a simple concept. But together, we can make it a great movement.

Donate. Pray. Buy something beautiful that will help bring freedom to those who desperately need it. Let's do something, together, until all are free.

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